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Global local port
network tinkering
How to expose a local port on your development machine to the internet with a proper domain name, TLS cert and some access control?


Simple and Boring Offline Log Analysis
You should analyze your logs but you might not need a full-blown elasticsearch cluster for it.
Offline GPG Keys
tech crypto security
A few days ago my first YubiKey arrived in the mail, so I was excited to copy over my GPG keys.
Scale in 2D games
While playing a bit of World of Warcraft, I found myself in the vast areas of the southern barrens, striving through the endless planes of the savanna.


Why mcTLS is a bad idea [2: mcTLS]
network tls uni
Since you have read about TLS, we can now have a look at the proposed mcTLS, inspect the motivation behind it and show some first indications, why it might be not that much of a bright idea.
Why mcTLS is a bad idea [1: TLS]
network tls uni
In this article I am going to introduce you to TLS, explain what it is, why we need it and why some people don’t like it.
The sorry state of logging
logs opinion
How to manage application logs in 2019?